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This website was created to share my common ancestry on the worldwide web in an attempt to connect cousins around the states. It currently has our Stockport, VanBuren County, Iowa Knowles descendants that migrated from Knox County Ohio around late 1855-1856 after the death of David Knowles. Before migrating to Ohio, they were living in the New Milford Connecticut area.If you are connected, feel free to peruse the search engine, verify and or correct information, share stories, documents or photos by emailing me. I would love to connect. Our line is the following : William Knowles - Mary Thurber William Knowles - Innocent Butts Philips Arthur Knowles - Abigail Hamlin Elizur Knowles- Johanna Hill David Knowles - Mary Stultz Virgil Nelson Knowles - Martha J Coletrane Lafayette Knowles - Myrtle Edwards Lamar Knowles- Wilma Haney Robert L Knowles - Dorothy Johnson

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